Monday, February 07, 2005

Intro Running Fox Farm Chronicles

Running Fox Farm Chronicles are a hodge podge of articles, thoughts, random musings, photos and other items that have caught our interest up here in New Hampshire's Blue Hills.

Since we live in a rural environment, many of the posts will likely have to do with items of similar subject matter, including life on the farm, gardening, raising fruit, fishing, hunting and other past times that seem less and less popular with each passing year.

That said, the first ten years of our married lives were spent in devoted attention and service to our nation, with much of that time abroad, primarily in Asia. So you are just as likely to come across a link to someting about Vietnam, or terrorism, or foreign policy, as you might other subjects.

Finally, our faith is of utmost importance to us as we go about our daily lives and I hope that comes across in our posts. Here we hope to challenge you, encourage, and drive a discussion that helps us all grow.


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