Saturday, February 12, 2005

Life 2.0

For those who read Forbes magazine, Rich Karlgaard's writing presents a familiar voice and editorial viewpoint. A couple of years back, Rich and I had a few email exchanges on the topic of work life balance, and particularly whether one needs to live in one of the major metro areas in order to find challenging employment and provide for a family.

Clearly, our viewpoint on that subject is well known. Having lived in Houston, WDC, Tokyo and Philadelphia, we have had our fill of big city life. Those experiences, as exciting and fulfilling as they were, also lead us to chose the life we lead now, living on Running Fox Farm.

Anyway, as you may be struggling with some of the same thoughts and questions, I would recommend you take a look through Rich's book. And I'm not saying that just because our email exchanges are included in it :) For mor information, you can check out Rich's web page here -


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