Saturday, February 12, 2005


Sam Parker is a great sales guy - supported by fantastic wife Jen. He is equal parts entrepreneur, salesman and author. Perhaps more importantly though, he is also husband, father and friend.

Sam runs a company in Virginia called MaxPitch Media, more popularly known as JustSell ( JustSell is an unparalleled resource for sales and marketing leaders. They really get sales, and have taken on as their mission, the evangelization of those concepts to others. You will become a better sales person for utilizing the resources they make available to you.

Also, Sam recently published his first book, 212. You can find out more about it here, It's premise - water is hot at 211 degrees, but at 212 it boils, and with boiling water you get steam, and with steam you can power a train. What a difference that one degree makes. This book is all about the difference made by that one degree, that extra effort. Read it, now!

And since Sam clearly has too much free time on his hands, he has also recently launched a new blog, Since I know he will apply as much effort to this as he does his other projects, I have no doubt that it will be worth returning to time and again.


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