Monday, February 21, 2005

John Rain

You don't know John Rain? That's kinda the way he likes it. Makes it easier to do his job. If you need to hire him, and can afford it, you'll find him. Maybe.

Who is he? Here is what Publisher's Weekly says:

A complex and most interesting hero: John Rain, a hard and resourceful man in his 40s with an American mother, a Japanese father, a childhood spent in both countries and a stretch with Special Operations in Vietnam that literally made him what he is today a highly paid freelance assassin.

Barry Eisler has placed John Rain at the heart of a trio of fast paced thrillers set in exotic locations around the world. And no one is better at describing the use of martial arts, particularly grappling, in real world environs.

Check em out
Rain Fall
Hard Rain
Rain Storm

And coming in the summer of 05, Killing Rain. Your pulse will race...


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